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Default TPS Control Module

Long story short, I tried to clean my carbs for the first time. Buddy was 'helping' and broke the TPS control module (snapped a tab so it wouldn't snap back into the female part). Managed to find a used one online for $55CAN after shipping. I've got the carbs re-assembled and installed (I think) with the new TPS control module but, according to my shop manual, I need to do a Closed Throttle Reset which I'm pretty sure is not within my current skill-set given the tools required (a digital inductive type tachometer P/N 529 014 500 to set the idle speed???). Anyways, I got the sled to start (yay?) but it appears to be idling around 4000rpm and when I engage the throttle, there's a burning smell - possibly my belt, which I took it off this winter as this was a 'pre-season tune', as it tries to grab at 4000rpm? Anyways, I need to get this thing to the dealer - how much damage will I do loading the thing on to my truck? If I wear out a belt, I've got 2 more, but I don't want to do damage to the engine itself. I don't know if I can set up a good enough system to winch 500#+drag on to my deck without destroying a lot of ****. Fack. Live and learn - not much learning except to not break things.

Sled is an '08 Summit 800 XP, if that makes any difference. First time working on a sled - hopefully the bill isn't so expensive it's my last... le sigh.

I don't know if this is the right sub-forum - if not, please move and thanks in advance for any help/suggestions/ideas!

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