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Default Need help with sled

I need some help because I am just lost. I bought a 1995 ski doo formula 3 this past summer. The machine starts up and idles great and runs great, but yesterday I went for my first real ride on the sled and it was running like a beauty the first half of the ride and then about halfway through its started backfiring around the higher midrange if I got on the throttle slowly l, if I just pounded on the throttle it wouldn't backfire, then after that the sled started to bog down in the midrange but it idled amazingly and once it was out of the midrange and going fast it ran like a swiss watch. The clutch also started to make this slight knocking sound but its not loud and only happens occasionally when i hit the throttle from a stop and when i stop the sled after riding it. i had the sled in a technical college and rebuilt the clutch and cleaned the carbs, brand new plugs and I run super gas so Im not sure the issue. Any idea would be greatly appreciated
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