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Default Oil lines after disassembly?

Putting together my 2000 800RMK engine, and mostly got it back together, and got the oil pump attached to the housing. I bleed the oil pump by removing the top bleed screw and let oil come out. I have the plugs removed and the fuel line turned off, and with the throttle locked open, so that the oil pump is open fully, I see no oil coming out of the lines when I pull about 20 times on the recoil rope.

I removed on oil line right at the pump and I don't see any oil coming out that one line?

I have a new belt on the water/ oil pump drive, so is it possible I don't have engaged correctly? It seems like I turned it to key it in the drive?

Was planning on doing mix in the gas for the first couple of tanks, but wanted to get oil to the bearings too....

What am I missing? is it going to spin faster once it's started and fill the lines? Or do I need to fill the lines to get the air out?
Any advice or links would be appreciated
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