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Ski-Doo: ZX Sleds 99-2005, all models in the ZX chassis
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Default New, used 2003 Summit 550F

I just purchased a 2003 Summit 550F after owning a 1995 Summit 700 for years and have a few questions. The owner's manual is not specific to this model, but instead for a series of sleds, so I haven't been able to answer these questions on my own.

1.) Does this sled have a gas shut off switch to winterize it and keep gas from sitting in the carburators?

2.) Is there a fuse for the headlight? The headlight isn't working and the previous owner said there was a fuse but couldn't find it.

3.) The air intake silencer is a little loose and looks like it might bounce around while riding the sled. Is this normal?
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