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Default PRO MAX 950 INFO

After replying to another post on big bores, it reminded me to bring up the Spring Special on big bores.

Below is what I said in another post in reference to our PRO MAX 950 big bore. People were asking about pipes in relationship to big bores, so that is how I started. Plus I also talked about our 900 big bore. But there is some good info on the kits and then check out the kits on our website.

We also do a 900 big bore. I have been doing them for years. $1695 exchange. We bore out the cylinders, do a full porting job them, then re nikasil plate them. We have two versions, a mountain version with a high altitude combustion chamber cnc machined into the stock head. Or for flat land riding the lower compression ratio, both designed to run on premium pump gas. This kit also comes with our aluminum exhaust valves, instead of machining the stock ones.

The slp pipe would work, so would Jaws,Speedwerx or D&D, or about any pipe would work. But if you do the 950 with our 52mm throttle bodies, then you need the correct pipe that has the correct airflow. Once again about any pipe would work, but you wouldn't want to run any sort of restrictor in the end of the pipe. Most pipes have a 1.750" inside diameter, and for about 5000 feet and above that is fine. But in the situations of lower altitudes, then a larger outlet should be used of 1.875" inside diameter, just depends where you live and ride. This is because with the big throttle bodies you need to have enough airflow and not bottle neck up the backpressure in the pipe. Our new 950 big bore pipe has the 1.875" i.d. outlet on it and we have been running it at all altitudes, including a lot between 10000-12000 feet.

We really wanted to focus a lot on torque and grunt with instant throttle response. With the PRO MAX 950 we have achieved that for sure. Not only is the power horsepower very strong, but with the torque in the 130's, it has just wicked grunt. You don't need full throttle to pull hard, it's amazing how hard it pulls at half throttle even.

One benefit to our kit is the exhaust valves. They are specific to the kit, no spacers are needed, no grinding, they are machined aluminum with a anodized hard coating on them.
This really helps out the low end snap of the motor. They sit much closer to the piston (like stock) and have more throw, versus modifying a stock valve by machining it or using a spacer to hold it up like I used to do.

Our pistons are made by Wiseco to our specs. We are using wiseco because they have the strongest alloy available. We didn't make the pistons to thin or too light, so there isn't any cracking issues. They are very strong and durable. There are lubrication holes for added cooling, and the piston skirt design also extends the life of the piston. Piston ring separation was another factor in developing the piston for proper heat dissipation for the larger piston. They are also hard coat anodized.

We started doing the 950 kits to the stock cylinders two seasons ago. After lots of testing hours we were very pleased with durability and power. We did them on a stock cylinder, and still can do it that way. But now we have taken it one step further. We are offering a complete kit with new cast cylinders, exhaust valves, pistons, billet head, gaskets and orings. This way you have no exchange and can keep your stock cylinders.
We call it our PRO-MAX 950. Production of the new cylinder has been slow, but we do have many of them on the snow in our ProLites and other customer machines, including several running on trails, lake and rivers of the Midwest. So we have been running them at every altitude.

Durability of the kits has been excellent, but that is what the kit is designed to be, Powerful and Durable. We made some improvements over the stock cylinder, such as thicker and stronger skirt supports below the cylinder for strength.

We spent a lot of time on the porting design to have the correct shape and radius on the exhaust ports so that they are very efficient, very powerful, and very durable. The area in the auxiliary exhaust port passages is larger for more flow and power as well.

We just started next batch of cylinders, but its a long process to do 500 sets. But we will have more available in about 60 days.

The top end kits sell for $1995, very good for new cylinder, billet head, pistons, exhaust valves, gaskets and orings. A fuel controller is required.
We do also offer a complete kit with the 52 throttle bodies, boyesen large intake reeds, stainless y pipe, pipe, full clutch kit and power commander. We call it the 950 TO THE MAX KIT. Just depends what you want.
You can run it with our Y pipe, and stock pipe and still make 30 more horsepower. But the big throttle bodies and full exhaust push the torque in the 130's and easily 50 more horsepower than stock. 200 plus.

You can order online right now and save $150 on the Pro Max kit, or $300 on the "950 TO THE MAX KIT". No deposit needed, just place the order, or you can call in the order.

One interesting thing that I noticed this season is how good the fuel economy is. It's really no different than stock. I think that since you simply just don't need near as much throttle to when your in the trees and boondocking. It just has so much torque that you don't need to give it full throttle all of the time, where the stock machine you would much more. You just don't need to rev it way up all of time to get were you need to go with all of the torque it has. Sure there is no doubt that if you were always wide open then it would use more fuel. But I guess what I'm trying to say is that when I was riding this year, at the end of the day I didn't use really any different amount of fuel than a stock machine did. Pretty cool.

(If you order online it asks for a credit card but nothing is charged until the order is shipped later on)
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