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Default 2020 Arctic Cat Riot 8000 or 2019 Polaris 800 SKS 146

Hi all, I am considering upgrading sleds this year from my 2014 Arctic Cat ZR 6000 El Tigre. I am debating between the 2020 Riot and 2019 Polaris SKS 146. My local Cat dealer has a Riot (not Riot X) in stock as a display model that they are still selling at Snowmageddon pricing. I am wondering what sled would be a better choice. I live in Iowa, so most of my riding around home is going fast and ditch banging. However, I usually make at least 2 trips to the Black Hills every year and put on more miles out there last year than around home. I would like to go further West Colorado or Wyoming. I don't plan on doing any insane hill climbing, but I would like to be able to get off the trail and play in some deep powder and do some moderate climbing.

My concern with the Riot is the wider front end and 1.6 inch lug track not being able climb very well and not being able to handle powder well especially since I plan on going further West in the near future. But, the Riot seems like the better choice on trails over the SKS. My concern with the SKS is that it will be too unstable on trails, and I have heard that it "only" goes around 75 mph (my buddies and I sometimes ride that fast, or faster, depending on the situation). However, It seems ideal for going steeper and deeper.

My dad ordered a Riot X this spring, so we could potentially switch if we go on a trip . However, my I just want to know what you guys think would be the better choice. Will the Riot be able to handle powder and climbing very well? Is the SKS too unstable and too slow for the trail riding I described? Let me know what you guys think!

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