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Default Looking for advice on 1998 xc 700rmk rear suspension

I am looking to swap in my 2005 900 rmk rear suspension and track into my 1998 xc 700 rmk. Wondering what all will be involved in this swap. Do i need to roll chaincase? What drivers would work best and should i regear the beast? Also is it possible to use the 05 900 rmk driveshaft? Thanks and all input greatly appreciated!
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Old 02-26-2018, 10:52 AM
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First of all, will the track fit? The track pitch is the same (2.52) between the 98 and the 05, but the lug height comes into play as well. I am not sure if the 98 has factory 8 tooth or 9 tooth drivers, same goes for the 05. (Maybe somebody on here can chime in and let you know if you can use the 05 drive shaft.) Assuming the 98 has the same bulk head clearance as the 98 RMK, you should be able to fit the 159"x 2 1/8" track in without any major issues. What you need to do is to verify the tooth count on both drivers, if the 05 has a smaller tooth count, the track will definitely fit. You can also measure the distance between the track and the bulk head cooler on your 98. This will for sure tell you whether or not you can fit the 2 1/8" lug track. If it doesn't fit you can either go to smaller drivers (assuming the 05 drivers are not smaller than the 98's), do a drop and roll, or trim the lugs on the track a bit.

Now as far as the length (more weight) is concerned, you will have to gear down some, if the 05 has smaller tooth drivers, this will help in regearing. You can also look at changing out the gears in your chaincase. If you do a search on the forums, I'm sure you can find a good reference of what you will need as far a tooth count.

Some tricks you can do to lighten up the track and get some snow out of the rear suspension, take a hole saw and either grind off the teeth and sharpen an edge into it, or use it in reverse and put a hole in the center of the track, at every row. Also open up all the windows with it if they haven't been already. This will get rid of a few pounds in the track and will definitely help spinning up the heavier track as compared to the old 136.

You will need to obviously extend the tunnel, you can either do your own, which will be roughly a 10-12" extension, or buy one from Tracks USA.

You also need to measure from the front suspension mount bolt on the 900, to the rear bolt and keep this distance the same when mounting it into the 700, this will help keep all your geometry the same and prevent trenching or other poor suspension performance. Try and keep it as close to "Stock" location as possible, include the height of the mount as well.

Hope this helps.
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136 to 159, 2005 900 rmk, suspension swap, xc 700 rmk

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