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Default 2nd hand Mountain Cat 900... gas cap question.

So, I picked up a well used Mountain Cat 900 last weekend and I was hoping someone may be able to shed a light on a couple of oddities that I have seen thus far. I bought 3rd hand, so I can't ask the previous owners any questions.

The gas cap seems to be a self venting model, but the previous owner tied a string to what looks to be a vent hose (with a metal mesh filter on the end) and relied on threading the gas cap over the string to hold up the vent hose.

My only idea is that this is the fuel intake for the tank and the previous owner pulled it out of the fuel for storage... but I have no idea why. Ideas?

On a side note, any good Mikuni carb threads showing the right way to clean these carbs? This machine has sat for 3 years, so it has stale gas and no doubt has quite a bit of varnish built up.

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