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Default 1980 or 81 El Tigre engine, pipe and carbs

Short story....

Years ago this engine was rebuilt with new Weisco pistons, a new balanced crank, bearings, gaskets etc. Everything was capped off on the engine and it was never even started. I don't remember what the bore is on the cylinders. We are looking for the carbs which are in a box somewhere. Several years ago this engine was put into a Jag with the AFS suspension, tunnel lengthened to 136" and then there is sat for years, the project never got finished. I think the engine is from 1980 or 1981 (feel free to correct me).

I went out this last weekend and brought the sled home and removed all the electrical, chaincase and track as well as the engine and pipe. The Jag chassis had pretty much dried up and most of the plastic on it was faded and or broken, wasps had even taken over some of it (you get the picture). The Jag chassis was recycled. The chaincase, clutches, wiring, tach and engine were kept.

Now, my original plan was to use this engine in a 2 seater buggy/golf cart build that I can take my kids for rides in which is way more their style.

After I got it here and looked at it, I and torn and might use the 2002 AC 440 from a Sno Pro that I have which needs some electrical components.

I feel like if this engine is still in the condition it was in when we put it in the other chassis then maybe it deserves to be put back in a vintage sled somewhere.

I will be taking the head off and opening the rest of it up to double check that everything is still in good condition.

Is there any interest in these older engines anywhere? What would it be worth? They were great back in the day but technology has changed what we have now and they can't compete with what we have now. It may still go into a buggy or cart but that is yet to be determined.

Its been a while since I have been on here, I hope this is the right place for this if not feel free to move it please.
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