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Default 670 Summit X Mod Questions -

Hey guys,

I have a 98 Summit X that I have put a 151x16x2 track on, along with a 06 rev skid with all idler wheels moved to the inside. I also have removed the sway bar and raised the handlebars with a pivot riser. I am happy with the way that she turns over on her side, and she sidehills like a champ, but I can't seem to get the front the sled to come off the ground.

I want to get pressure off the front of the sled. I have the front springs in the middle due to no sway bar, the middle skid spring is pretty tight and the back blocks on the softest setting. The limiter straps are also all the way out. What else can I do to make the sled feel less front heavy and get it to feel like the weight is more on the back of the sled? Are things like a new lighter muffler and such worth it?

It won't allow me to upload a picture, if anyone knows how, I would be happy to post one for reference. Thanks!
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