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Polaris: AXYS 2016 AXYS chassis
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Default Axys 800 injector issues

My 2016 AXYS SKS started running bad on my last trip of 2018. It would surge and bog between 4500 and 6000 rpm. My throttle response and rpm was not affected. By the end of that week it would foul the mag side plug if I was forced to ride in that rpm range too long. It was still under warranty, so I talked to my dealer when I got back to Minnesota. The snow here was long gone, and they were already working on boats so they suggested I bring it in, in the fall when there was snow to test it. I took it to the dealer before Thanksgiving, it was running really bad when I unloaded it, and when the mechanic drove it into the shop. They had my sled until after New years. they said my sled was one of the only ones they had ever seen that did not throw a single code when hooked to the computer, they said my fuel looked really bad, and said that water in the fuel was the problem. They drained the fuel system, put in some deicer, and didnt charge me any thing. I put about 20 miles on it, and it ran fine. On my first trip out west for 2019 it was still running bad, I didnt foul as many plugs, because we had 2-3 feet of powder and it was easy to keep the rpm up. By the end of the week my buddys 2017 Pro started bogging and surging like mine.
When we got back from that trip, my buddy took both our sleds in to a different dealer. We only had 3 weeks until our next trip so we needed them back quickly. Dealer called back the next day, said that our fuel pumps were putting out 10 psi too much pressure, and it was pushing too much fuel through the injectors. they got authorization from Polaris to replace our fuel pumps under warranty. I was skeptical because the fuel pressure regulator should have kept this from happening.
Next trip was to West Yellowstone, my sled was still running bad (other guy had to cancel this trip at the last minute.) I talked to Polaris West and they said I had bad injectors. A couple days later they replaced my injectors under warranty, and my sled ran perfect the rest of the week. Here is the interesting part. Polaris West runs a large rental fleet and they started noticing that most of their FI sleds (regardless of model or year) would start exhibiting symptoms like mine at about 2000 miles. My sled, and my friends sled both started having problems right about 2000 miles. PW finally figured out that it was bad injectors in early 2019. They said they had had replaced over $7000 worth of injectors on their rental fleet this year, and that Polaris would not pay for the repairs. When I was there the dealer meetings were taking place and PW was hoping to get something resolved with Polaris.
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