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Default ** Dynojet Winter 2017-2018 Update **

Welcome to winter 2017-2018 folks! This wonderful season has arrived forcefully here in Montana prepping us for a solid season of riding. From our first skiffs of snow back in early September to recent the 4’ dumping of snow nearby, it’s time we dust off our snow buggies and go scratch that powder-hungry itch.
The bread winner in Dynojet’s piggyback fuel delivery device continues to be the ever-capable Power Commander V available for any new 2018 Fuel Injected snowmobile supporting back as far as model year 2005 in the Arctic Cat laydown twins. Each PCV has the ability to add 250% fuel load or reduce the delivery by -100% to shut the injector off. A PCV will also hold two separate maps switchable on the fly via any 2-position switch, control the fueling of each cylinder independently, can deliver an adjustable Accel Pump pulse, insert your own tunable Analog sensor, and a flock of other clever features available at your fingertips.

The PCV is compatible with optional Dynojet accessories such as the POD-300 Digital Display. This device enables real time data viewing and logging which can then be interacted with in our very powerful yet free-for-download Power Core Software to cater your mapping. The display itself is configurable to show different layouts corresponding to any desired PCV channel such as RPM, Throttle Position, Engine Temp, Injector Duty Cycle, and many, many more. 3 programmable conditional warning lights are incorporated into the POD-300 which will alert you when your spec parameters are met (i.e.: Engine RPM is over 7500RPM and Air:Fuel Ratio is over 13.9). In-Field fuel trims are also possible with the POD-300 to coarsely tweek ranges of your mapping in the high/mid/low RPM bands. The robust screen is mountable to your handlebars via the classic AMP hole pattern or opt to Velcro it to any surface for easy viewing.

Speaking of AFR, the Dynojet Autotune can insert a high-quality Wideband O2 sensor into your exhaust to monitor the burn of the engine. By activating the Autotune feature, the fueling will automatically apply trims in real-time to keep your AFR at the level you desire all day long essentially building a base map for you as you ride. Once it’s all dialed in, one can remove the AT from the system after accepting the trims to then move the AT to another vehicle, or leave it isntalled as reassurance that the AFR will always be kept safe even in the event of a clogging injector or poor quality fuel.

Another universal tuning product ready to adjust any PCV is the C3 Mobile Application. The C3 mobile app has been a great addition to Dynojet’s already extensive core by availing a handheld tuning interface on your Smartphone. This app is available for free download on Google Play enabling users to send any map stored on your phone to the device, adjust fuel trims in the field, calibrate throttle position, and many more things all from the palm of your hand! Now, if you’re in the mood for adjustments while out riding, simply send a new map to your fuel controller from your Phone, or (if in cell service range) give a quick call to your supporting dealer who can email you a new map and load that one! It requires a USB-On-The-Go adapter to link the port on your phone to the Power Commander V.

Dynojet’s continued dedication to the snow market shows up first in the Arctic Cat world. The new DSI 800 Engine is yet another stout mill delivered from the Thief River Falls crew, and they’ve handed us a worthy improvement over the prior still-not-a-slouch 800cc Suzuki. Specific to this machine, Dynojet is proud to offer a fuel only PCV solution for those of you ready to cater the fueling of your 8000 series ZR, XF, or M model to your specific needs offering the classic -100% fuel subtraction to shut the injector off, or up to 250% additional fuel beyond stock delivery. Got boost? Opt for one of our -PTI units which, through intelligent pressure sensing of 2 high-quality Bosch TMAP sensors, will automatically adjust the sled’s fueling according to the pressure entering your engine while compensating for elevation or even changes in the weather -- even with a Zero in the fueling tables! This makes tuning a breeze and eliminates the guess work when dialing in a turbocharged ride. Even charge temp trimming is available via the “T” (temperature) exposed by the TMAP sensor placed in the charge tube/airbox. Is that all, you ask? Not in the slightest… Fuel and Ignition was next for us. After successful proof-of-concept for ignition adjustment on the 2014 600cc DSI Arctic Cat, the 800cc DSI was a slam dunk for us and Dynojet has combined control of Fueling and Timing of this new engine into one box as the PCV-CDI. This avails the same fueling adjustment as the standard fuel only PCV, but also advance or retard the spark event by +/-20*. As with all Fuel + Ignition Power Commander V units, a launch control stutter is a nifty feature found inside, along with Rev Limiter increase. This device is also available in the -PTI version for the boost-aholics who greatly benefit from control over the spark event when boost is present to safeguard the engine at high RPM/boost, or assist in spooling the compressor at low loads. The circuitry contained in this sophisticated enclosure matches what our bulletproof Polaris F/I units have employed since their release in 2014 which will provide great reliability to our customers. Dynojet continues to build products for the early 500/600/700cc laydown era up into the latter 600/800/1000cc mills, and finally all ProClimb/ProCross buggies.

As you can see, we definitely keep busy around here building and creating products which make your fast toys go faster. After already spending several days on the snow these past 2 months, I'm surely craving more! Mother Nature is begging us to get ready for awesome play time in the fresh snow, so are you ready? Be safe riding out there, and visit for information about any specific product.

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