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Hello everyone,
My name is Tyler, I created a company called Highmark Aerial Solutions in 2014. My business tailors to Snowmobilers, ATV'ers, Skier's and Borders who are interested in being captured on film from an aerial perspective. This is done by utilizing the latest in unmanned drone/cinema technology, combined with 20 years of experience snowmobiling and various activities in the mountains. Our drones capture ultra smooth 4k footage and are capable enough to chase a high horsepower sled. We are focusing on Valemount, Mcbride, and Revelstoke area's and are currently booking on our website now. How ever if someone is willing to make it worth while we can travel to the destination of your choice. If you would like to capture your group trip on the snow in a whole new way, don't hesitate to contact us at:

Videos coming soon.
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aerial video, mcbride, revelstoke, snowmobile, valemount

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