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Default 02 mxz 700 I'm fairly new to sleds and I have some general questions

Hey everyone, first post for me. I'm looking into getting a couple sleds this year and I have came across a 02 mxz 700, from what I have read online people have said good things about them. My main concern is that this sled isn't running. Thanks guy who has it said that he had a friend take off the stator to use it on another sled and it didn't work out so his friend put the stator back on the 700 but, he didn't add lock tight and it ended up messing up the crank. I've always done my own work, on a lot of different types of vehicles and I can't really see how the stator could bend the crank, anyone have any idea? But, he says that he has all the parts to fix the sled, top end rebuild kit, new crank in the box, yada yada. He doesn't want to touch it, I don't think he's that good/confident of a mechanic, or he knows something that I don't. Would this be that big of a project? What should I look out for in the bottom end that could have been damaged along with the crank that this guy could have missed? What should I be looking for when I go to look at this basket case? And what do you guys think it's worth? The track was replaced and is still fairly fresh, it is one that has the little ice studs in the lugs. I guess the sled has been sitting for 2 years. Thanks you guys, I know these questions can have some long winded answers but, try to look at it like this, I don't have experience with snowmobiles but I'm familiar with dirt bikes, ATVs, cars and all that stuff so I'm fairly experienced and I feel like I can do this just fine, Ive just never done it before.
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