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Default 2016 snow check pro rmk 800

2016 axys Pro rmk 800 155


Snow check model
1727 miles
Sled was always hauled in enclosed trailer
New top end put on 200 miles ago
Reason for was checked compression and it was low. So rebuilt it with fix kit which uses better rings so they don’t go flat and lose compression.

-fire n ice intake vents (well needed as factory venting gets plugged with snow)
- fire n Ice clutch venting and exh vent
-Slp torque arm
-Polaris extreme front bumper
-bmp trail can
-stock can as well
-sled will be sold with 2.6 track which has 2 out west trips on it. Track is in perfect condition, no rips or torn lugs
All other miles were road with a cut down track that is available for an additional price
-gas rack and Burant bag and handle bar covers not included

I will be at haydays but won’t be bringing sled unless have a deposit
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