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Default 2014 KTM 500 EXC / 2016 Timbersled ST w/TSS

2014 KTM 500EXC w/ 2016 Timbersled ST with TSS strut. This bike is set up and ready to go. It has the following equipment.
a. Raze NOS, installed and used on 2 trips this last winter. WOW
b. RG3 forks set up for 220 lbs rider
c. Rekluse clutch
d. larger pegs
e. seat concepts wider seat
f. PST engine blanket
g. Heat Demon hand warmers
h. Yeti wheel kit
i. tool box
j. extra gas can
k. thermo bob
l. radiator gaurds
m. hand gaurds
n. original wheels and brakes

Asking $13,000 OBO
This bike in located in Pierre, SD. I am listing it for the owner.
Please call DB at 605-228-0471 owner
OR Grant at 605-222-8036 (cousin who is storing the bike)
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