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Old 04-04-2018, 12:29 AM
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A bit about me; I bought my first sled when I lived in Red Deer Alberta in 1999 which was a 1981 Polaris 440. After my first season I knew this was my new passion and coming from lots of seat time doing motocross, drag racing, quading and 4x4ing. I then bought a new 1999 Yamaha VMax 700 and did a long track to a 136" with a 2" track on second season. Rode that for 4 years before leaving town to Edmonton. I didn't buy my next sled until Moving to the Yukon in 2011, this was a 2009 M8 162. After 4 seasons on this I felt my family would prefer me to spend my very few days off with them instead of out on the snow. So I traded it for a 16' speed boat. That lasted 2.5 seasons when I realized I was heading to a full on depression as the winter is my favorite season of the year and I had no hobbies for the long winters we get.

I now have a 2015 AC M6000 (153) and am loving it. I would like to know what the best Mods are for this sled as I love the boondocking and our snow has a bit of a crust on it and rather sugary under that crust. I have ordered a MBRP trail Can (I can ride right out of my garage in town to the trails and don't want to piss off the neighbors). After riding a friends 2017 Polaris (Burandt snow check) RMK Pro I would like to make my sled more nimble without spending the $18000 he did. So I ordered the 2016 style front A-Arm upgrade kit.

Is there anything else I can do? Or should I ride it with what I am doing and buy a different sled after this one is paid off (wife's rules)?
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