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Old 03-26-2018, 08:11 AM
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Default 1995 polaris xcr 600 xlt triple

hi im new to the sight and i was looking for some help im fairly new to riding and my dad has a 1995 polaris xcr 600 with a xlt triple engine. he bought it a year and is ready to give up on it (i'm the only reason he hasn't) that it runs if you tinker enough we had it running this past saturday but it back fired after that every second pull it would fire we would have tried the choke but that's kind of broke, this probablly didn't help but the engine was froze i managed to break it free by grabbing and spinning the clutch, its got a primer and last time we had it running it sounded nice what could be causing it to not run with dirty carbs would it still run or no
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