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Default ? on '97 Indy 500 clutching

Okay I talked to EPI as all my stuff I have on my wall and in my sleds is EPI. Today I put in a white spring on their suggestion for the primary spring and a Purple spring for the secondary. I am re-using the QA-2 Quad Angle helix I got from them a few years ago for my old '92 Indy 440. I am running it in the 2nd hole from the left which is what they also suggested.

1. Does anyone have the angles for that helix, they won't tell me at EPI of course.

2. Does anyone else have a sled around that year with suggestions on maybe a better clutching setup? Mind you I live a hour north of Green Bay so I'm in the 0-3,000 feet area iirc

3. Is there anything else I can do to this sled to get a little more out of it without having to buy pipes. I am running stock gearing which IIRC is a 21 top and 39 bottom sprocket.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance, Jamie

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