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Default Universal Voltage Regulator installation

Regarding 1987 Ski-doo Safari 377,
non electric start.
I purchased a voltage regulator listed to
fit the above sled. It only has one wire (yellow)
to hook up. The wiring diagram shows the
voltage regulator having a two wire hook-up,
one black wire hooking up to a "yellow / black"
wire in the harness, and the other, Yellow,
hooking up to yellow.

Assuming the "regulator black" to "harness yellow/black"
was a ground circuit, I hooked up the new
regulator yellow wire to the yellow in the harness,
hooked nothing up to the harness yellow/black,
but ran a ground wire to the new regulator
mounting pad, then to the engine.

Long story short, I fired it up, lights very bright,
revved it up, and burnt out the high beam.
It does not appear the new voltage regulator is
Will the new universal "one wire" voltage
regulator work, and if so, how do I wire it up?
Thanks, Tom
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