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Land Use Issues that affect riding areas.
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Default California OSV/OHV funding in jeopardy!!!!

Thought I would pass along some important info that will cripple our winter and summer programs if our illustrious Governor and his pals succeed please send this to 20 people you know and tell them to do the same !!! Kinda long so here it is copied verbatim from Sylvia Milligan . Thanks. Wes Dailey Ashpan volunteer Grooming Coordinator L.N.F.


I was given official notification today to start getting information out and asking for help to preserve one of the best recreational programs in the whole USA. We are the only state that has this type of program and it is under assault because the state wants control of the funding for the general fund. We are all so frustrated about the political situation in America but this is one where we can stand up and fight. I am giving you the tools to do just that and now you need to stand up and do your part. Go to: This interactive site has everything you need to respond and let them know how you feel and what this program means to you. Then, SEND THIS INFORMATION TO EVERY PERSON YOU KNOW, EVERY CLUB YOU ARE A MEMBER OF, YOUR ELECTED OFFICIALS, SHERIFF, SUPERVISORS, ETC. AND ASK THEM TO RESPOND ALSO. We need thousands of responses to stop this nonsense. YOU can make a difference here if you will take a few minutes to stand up.
Some background: Other information can be found at Fact Sheet and FAQ at the top of the website. Take time to read this important information.
The Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Program was founded in 1971, in response to the need to manage growing demands for off-highway recreation, while at the same time foster respect for private property rights and to protect California's natural and cultural resources.

The program was created by a cooperative effort between OHV recreationist and conservationist to manage OHV use in California as a separate operating division of the California Department of Parks and Recreation.

Today, this program is the largest and most successful program of its type in the U.S. The program continues its commitment to provide safe, enjoyable recreation while balancing the need to protect the state's resources.

Why separate?

OHV recreation is not confined to California State Parks. In fact the vast majority of OHV recreation is on Federal Lands. The State Park units (State Vehicular Recreation Areas or SVRAs) were added after the programs creation. Federal and private OHV recreation is ongoing and the program provides oversight and coordinated management to OHV facilities statewide.

The OHV program has a statute created dedicated funding source. The fund is comprised of SVRA entry fees, vehicle registration fees and a pro rata percentage of the California fuel tax fund. The fuel tax portion is based on a formula similar to the Federal RTP program, and directs those taxes collected from OHVs to areas where OHV use occurs. It is important to note that prior to this system, OHV owners were able to apply for a refund of those same fuel tax monies directly from the state. By statute, the California’s OHV fund is not intended for any other purpose and is subject to California state laws.

We are all tired of what we are losing and looking for ways to make a difference. You can make a difference here. I am always involved and fighting for your recreational opportunities.
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