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Default Ski doo 500 formula deluxe no idle, no throttle problem.

Hi, I am from Slovenia so I apologize if my english is not perfect. I have ski sleds ski doo 500 formula delux year 1997. The problem started when the sleds did not have a spark.
After some measurements I figured out that the coil that gives voltage to CDI is not ok (250k ohm measured with multimeter) after rewinding that coil multimeter shows 13 ohms and at starting around 16 volts is generated.
But the sled still did not have spark.Next I ordered CDI from ebay (used) It looked like orginal even cables are the same color. So I connect the CDI to the sleds and still no spark.
After some playing around I figured that if I reverse the wires from pick up to CDI (orginal blue wire to blue and white wire to white, after reversing white wire to blue and blue wire to white) I do get a spark.
Ofcourse after geting the spark I wanted to start the sleds. They did start but where running very poorly and I had to push the fuel with manual pump to keep them alive. The throttle had no effect.
Ok I decide to clean carburators after cleaning I try again but the condition is the same.Then I decide to take apart fuel pump and in membrane I found oil (probably shouldnt be there) so I clean the membrane and try again but still no luck.
Now I dont know what to do any more it is possible that the cdi is not firing at right spot or is it mechanical problem. The sleds where runing fine before no spark problem.

Thanks for your help.
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