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Default BEWARE of user- turbo687. scammer.

i was shopping for a track in the swap meet section a while back, and was contacted by turbo687. he said he had a track with aprox 400mi, in good condition. we agreed on a price, i sent the money, he sent a tracking number.

then i get a message saying that "his wife" may have sent the wrong track, which was in much worse shape than the one we had first arranged. he said that if i decided to keep it, he would refund me $50. didnt' have much choice at this point, as the shipping back and forth would have added way to much cost.

so i kept the track, and awaited my $50 refund. it never came. i contacted him several times, and each time there was an excuse. my wife forgot, or we are having problems with paypal. he then asked if i would issue a $50 invoice to see if that would work. never got payment. i sent several payment reminders, and go no response. he strung me along past the 45 day mark, where i can no longer start a paypal dispute on the transaction.

he has ignored all of my recent attempts to contact him about this, so now the only thing i can do is warn the rest of snowest to stay away from this guy.

if you are buying anything out of the swapmeet, and the seller asks you to send money to the email address, name- sandy Cleveringa, beware. this is a shady person. you should probably keep shopping elsewhere.
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