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Default 05 RMK 900

Ok dudes, first time poster long time reader. Iíve been working on this 05 rmk for a few months. Iíll try to sum up the backstory quickly but I fear itís going to be a novel, but I bought this sled in the winter and rode it once. Flashed the egt probe at me. I shut it down and checked, sure enough previous owner had it disconnected. Connected the probe and carried about my ride. It was cold out. -20c. So it took a while to warm up. It was kinda funny in the low end with power cutting out but immediately ran great. Rode it for a couple hours. All seemed well. My buddy rode it the following day quickly with about the same results. Did a lot of research on the sled (a lot, I still do daily) so I thought tps or harness. I set up the tps to factory spec and proved itís functional throughout its entire band with my oscilloscope. While I had it out, I probed the harness and found the signal to drop out. Groovy I thought. Bought a new pigtail and replaced it. I replaced the throttle and oil cable at this time. I noticed many repairs in the main harness at this time. And thought I solved my original issue. While I had the sled in the shop doing this work, I also installed the slp head I bought to use as well. I thought it would compliment the slp pipe and can quite well. Fueled it up with 50/50 ethanol free 91 and VPC11 with a little premix and installed new ngk plugs and a brand new egt probe for the hell of it. Sled was ready to go otherwise. And found I had very poor performance. Plugs looked very black and oily. While I had the head off I noticed the top end looked very poor. Piston skirts and cyl walls were notably worn. So I said ok and I went ahead and bought myself a new main harness and fuel filter and tested fuel pressure. All of which was ok. So then I went and bought myself a wrecked rmk with what I was told was a good running engine. Plugs looked nice when I pulled them and the top end was looking great. So I did the swap, installed the slp head on the second engine. And idled it on the stand to op temp to bleed coolant, revved it up a few times. Noticed a few spots of oil on the shop floor. Checked the plugs and sure enough theyíre black and oily. Iím at a loss, the pump is set up and arm returns perfectly. Seems odd the same issue is happening on two engines. Any advice on where to go next with the diagnosis? This engine starts and idles just fine, as did the prior one. Perfect idle rpm.. Iím starting to think the Center seal is ironically blown on both engines...
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