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Default Low Voltage

Pulled my '09 800 dragon out of storage earlier to transport to new home, noticed soon after starting the instruments went dead. Checked DC volts at test plug was only 3V. AC volts from stator were around 1.2 each yellow wire. Changed stator today and briefly got display lit up then out but had weak headlights. DC volts @4V
Anyone got any ideas where to go from here?...B

Did meter checks on VR and capacitor, both pass as per shop manual specs, stator resistances good as well though almost impossible to get the .13 OHM reading on the a/c charge coils without a super good meter. Sled starts and runs on stand no voltage change with rpm increase. Checked backsides of VR and ECM, both perfectly normal. Not sure what i should be getting for readings from exciter and injection coils (a/c volts i assume, but how much??) The one common denominator seems to be low voltage across the board, enough to run engine but not enough power display( I had display up n running by hooking 12V to harness plug) and of course too sketchy to ride without meltdown.

So wondering if anyone has seen a flywheel loose it's ability to induce voltage in a stator???

Pulling my freaking hair out here!!!

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