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Smile Modular Helmet Info.

I have gone from goggles to modular to electric shield modular and now back to goggles.

I wear glasses and am kind of a snob by wanting perfect vision when riding. It ain't happening though...perfect vision!

I like my HJC IS Max helmet because I can wear glasses and I love the extra drop down sunglasses in that helmet. I also like when mountain riding, I can lift the face bar to get some air when I am gassed from hiking to a stuck friend or digging myself out. The drawback is in very cold conditions (like Revy this Dec/Jan) the shield was icing up and I couldn't see a thing. I even used the new 509 regular goggle style Delta R-3 helmet that has an electric visor. The wiring for this helmet is super easy, but the 3 links come apart (unplug) easily and I would start to ice up. And, the end of one cable broke rending the visor as useless. The good thing about the Delta 3 is I just flipped the visor up and put goggles on.

While at Nadine Overwater's ladies riding clinic in Revy (La Nina Snow Camp) I saw a lot of awesome female riders using goggles and they didn't have any issues! So, I bought newer/bigger goggles that fill the helmet area and will go without glasses. I won't see as well as I do with glasses, but I will be able to see vs. fogging/freezing up. But, I will always have the option to use the visor and wear my glasses with this 509 helmet.

In CA, we don't usually get that cold of riding weather. So, the HJC IS Max is a favorite of mine. I can crack the shield and get rid of most fogging. I will be using this 509 Delta with goggles the next few rides to see how I fair.

We need more snow!

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