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TRACKS USA 08-20-2018 11:12 AM

Conquer 260 Released
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Camso has released two new Conquer tracks for this fall. This new Conquer will be a 2.6" lug height. It will be an identical lug design to the existing 280. Lengths will be 154" and 165" in 3.5" pitch. Published weight on the 154 is 40lbs with the 165 coming in at 43lbs.

Teth-Air 08-20-2018 02:11 PM

Most reports I have seen for the 280 was not very good so what makes this one any different? Durometer same? I expect some of those bad reports is because I expect this track is designed for a specific type of snow?

tdbaugha 09-22-2018 08:44 PM

little more info

mountainhorse 10-14-2018 03:05 PM

Any idea on availability?

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