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macsummit 04-30-2018 10:11 AM

Looking for information,pictures of nytro motor in pro
Looking for any help with nytro motor in Polaris pro for future project , if anybody has any helpful information that would be greatly appreciated. Would like to see what it takes to do such a project from people that already did this to a Polaris thanks

1madbird 08-30-2018 08:41 AM

I have been building a Pro with a Nytro engine from the ground up for the last couple of years. It has been taking so long due to lack of finding a complete used chassis so I have been buying parts and pieces from Ebay to assemble one. I already had the donor Nytro and engine. It is a tight fit but i am going with a turbo which complicates the install even more. Their are a few different threads in the Member Sled builds which i used to get some ideas on how to mount the engine. 2 of them are Chromoly builds which is what i really wanted to do but didn't have the tooling or time to start that type of build. I started with the front bulkhead and tunnel assembled and then dropped the engine in and and starting seeing where it would fit with the belt alignment and then started figuring out the mounts. I was going to use the mounts out of the Nytro and fab them into the Pro chassis but decided to go a different route. I have some pictures i will post up tomorrow. in the mean time check out the Posts from NYPRO in the member builds that he did with a 2014 it has some good pictures to show how he did his. And then the other build that has some good info is the ULTIMATE PRO-PEX build by Jskattum606.

macsummit 09-16-2018 12:39 PM

thanks for the reply 1madbird it's much appreciated it will definitely be hard to gather parts especially the pro body to use, in the mean time i have been looking at putting a triple in a Polaris dragon it will be easier getting a dragon body. I love the sound of the old 2 stroke triples then put it in a newer chassis would be a fun little ditch banger.

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