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Evolution Powersports 07-05-2016 03:38 PM

EVO Viper Giveaway FULL BUILD
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Everyone get ready to have the chance to win a 2015 Yamaha Viper MTX 162 Fully Built mountain machine. We are excited to have the chance to work with a number of companies on this build. We are going to give the sled away on Sunday September 11th at 4 pm at Haydays. This Yamaha Viper is going to feature many products from us at Evolution Powersports, Skinz Protective Gear, Racewerx, Raptor Suspension, Ice Age, Race Coatings, Proven Design Products, Mountain Fit, TKI, OSP, and Mountain Addiction as of right now. The list may get longer but we feel already that the parts we have for this is going to make it a backcountry animal that everyone dreams of owning. This is going to be a full step by step build featuring every vendor’s product. The Viper will easily be a $25,000 plus snowmobile that you can win with a $20 raffle ticket either purchased on our website or in person at Haydays. . You can purchase as many raffle tickets as you would like. The snowmobile will be on display at our haydays booth all weekend.The build can also be seen at our shop in progress at 2006 68th Street, Suite D, Somerset WI 54025.

Once a ticket is purchased, you will be emailed a claim ticket #. Your name will be filled out on an actual ticket and put in the raffle box. Tickets sold in person at Haydays will be given a ticket stub. To claim the sled, a copy of the email with claim #, or ticket stub will be required. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE PRESENT TO BE THE WINNER!! Snowbarons will be doing the actual raffle drawing. Any taxes due will be the responsibility of the winner.

Tickets are available on our website

Evolution Powersports 07-07-2016 12:59 PM

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Lets get this build rolling since haydays is right around the corner. First off we stripped down most of the sled to clean, inspect, and replace any miscellaneous parts considering this is not a brand new snowmobile but will be in show room condition when we are done with it. Removed the side panels, hood, front bumper, rear bumper, seat, taillight, snowflap, gas tank, exhaust header, steering components, and complete rear suspension.

We are disassembling the complete rear skid and sending off to get powder coated by Clinton at Race Coating in Forest Lake MN. The guys at Race Coating are very easy and flexible to work with. Any color or combination you can think of they will have done and ready to be picked or shipped in a few business days.

While waiting for the parts to get back from powder coat we are going through the whole sled with a fine tooth comb. One of our goals with this sled is to make it a complete turn the key and go 275 horsepower reliable snowmobile.


Evolution Powersports 07-12-2016 10:20 AM

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UPDATE! We received all of the parts back from powder coat and they turned out awesome. Starting to mock up and assemble the rear skid.
This is when things get fun. We are working with Raptor suspension for the shocks in this machine. Hands down the best shocks on the market. Don't get me wrong there are other guys out there that build great shocks but for the amount of time the guys over at raptor spend setting them up properly, testing, designing, and much more it is hard to beat. Give them a call they are very knowledgeable and will get you the perfect setup. These shocks perform awesome but they also look awesome!! A couple components will be added in the rear skid as we go through this build BE READY.
Also working with TKI on number of parts on this sled. These billet wheels are a beautiful work of art. We are using the 9" wheels in the back and OEM replacement uppers makes for a clean setup. These are some of the best fit and finish big wheel and idler wheels we have worked with.

Purchase your tickets at


Evolution Powersports 07-13-2016 03:45 PM

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Next up we are using a Headlight delete from Mountain Fit. We have used and tested many products from Mountain Fit from some of our personal sleds here at EVO or shop sleds. Fit and finish is by far awesome no matter what it is. We chose to stay with the headlight delete and eliminate much of the other plastic hood pieces but still keeping that factory look. Taking your time sure does go along way when doing mods like this. You can tell Bill at Mountain Fit takes his time with everything.

Evolution Powersports 07-19-2016 09:06 PM

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We here at evolution power sports are putting our header on this build. This also has our updated slip joint to fix clearance issues we had with a couple from the previous style. Fully fabricated from high grade stainless steel and expertly TIG welded for durability. Not only that, we kept most of the factory length for mid range torque, but designed them to flow better at high rpms which translates to an incredible 15 hp increase! This header is a great option no matter if you are completely stock or have an aftermarket turbo kit.

Raffle tickets available at:

Evolution Powersports 07-27-2016 10:12 PM

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The build is going great so far! Everything is fitting and lining up prefect. We have gotten together with Skinz Protective to get many of there awesome products on the Viper. Jeff and all the guys at skinz are awesome to work with. You can tell that these guys are used to doing high end builds for the mountain industry.
When we started this give away at EVO we knew that the front suspension needed to be addressed. With that being said the Raptor suspension was a no-brainer. Raptor also added there brand new skis that you will see getting released by them shortly. This is a triple carbide ski that has great floatation and easy going manners. This ski we think is going to be the next best ski on the market. Then combining it with the Skinz "CONCEPT" Chromolly 37" A-Arm Kit is going to be a great setup. This front suspension setup is a key aspect when having an ultimate backcountry snowmobile. The fitment of these A-Arms were perfect no issues. The billet spindles are an absolute work of art. The spindles are moved forward about 3" and the caster angle is changed. Overall this front suspension combo is going to make the snowmobile more predictable in cornering and over rough terrain, added stability, creating a larger "range of balance" when the sled is on it's side but eliminating diving and off camber rollover,transfers weight to the rear suspension, and best of all decreasing rider effort.

Have the chance to win the VIPER at!

Evolution Powersports 08-10-2016 07:23 PM

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Havenít done an update for a couple weeks but the Viper is starting to look really nice. The better part is we are only about half way there. More parts showing up every day. When we were up at skinz we also decided that the low profile mountain style seat would be a key necessity on the sled. We have used this seat before on our other vipers here in house. By far this is the cleanest, most practical and comfortable seat on the market for the viper. Very easy installation and also adds a great look to the sled. When transferring from one side of the sled to the other this low seat is a must have. Next the narrow style running boards were also a great selection from skinz for this snowmobile. Very sleek looking with great functionality. Traction is not an issue with these as you can see with all the different ways to position traction screws or pads. This is not going to be sled that you want to miss out on! Tickets are available on our website.

apex 9420t 05-13-2017 03:49 PM

So who got the sled and does it run good

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