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dooguy 01-09-2017 05:38 PM

fog free
after riding in snowy weather yesterday, i need better goggles.
Is there a better goggle out there. I was wearing the Scott hustle snocross type. Or do they all have limitations?

whitefish 01-09-2017 06:54 PM

IMO, the brand is not as important design and construction. I think just about every brand makes a decent goggle. Here are things I think that make them good for mountain riding. They need to fit well. Not only against your face but within the helmet hole. Lots of foam. Dual layer works well. The softer one closest to the skin. Venting to get air movement. More seems better. And the single best thing is a goggle fan. HaberVision makes most of them and is the only ones I have used. I almost never fog up and when I do its because I left my helmet on digging someone out. Never while in motion.

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