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yamaha3 10-16-2011 08:31 PM

Turbo Mountain Max
I have seen other threads on here and on other sites that people are wondering if this is possible. Based on other threads and things that I have heard it is possible. I have heard that Dan Richter had a turbo mtn max in thunderstruck 3 and one of the earlier mountain mod mania videos, i personally have not seen any of them. Everyone on these other threads have said that they are going to do it and have already started, yet they cannot seem to post a picture.

Earlier this summer I decided that I was going to try it, so I started finding the pieces I was going to need. I mounted the turbo right off of the manifold where the three ports go into one. From there

Turbo - off of a 2002 Subaru WRX. (TD04 13G)
Intercooler - top mount off of a WRX
Exhaust - pipe done by myself ran into an SLP can
Intercooling piping - I pieced everything together (turbo to intercooler and also the piping I ran for the fresh air.

As far as jetting what I have read from other people that have turboed carbureted 2 strokes they use power jets. I havent quite figured out what I am going to do. More than likely I am going to use the power jets. I am also looking at different options that I have for fuel pumps.

The turbo is liquid cooled so I am going to tie that in with the coolant lines. I am thinking that I will take the carb warmers out since I have never used them and I will use those lines to do the cooling.

Now the trickiest part of the whole thing besides tuning will be oiling the turbo. I will have to have a catch can and a pump to get the oil to the turbo and it will be gravity flow back to the can. I have talked to some buddies that know turbos and they said an option that I might have is since that a subaru turbo is ball bearing I might be able to cap the drain off and fill the turbo with a good synthetic oil and then cap the top off and not even run a pump. They said I could probably get away with this
because it is liquid cooled. I was thinking about doing this for test puposes because if it doesnt work I would rather not have a pump laying around that is about $250.

I tore it all down tonight to paint everything. Tomorrow night after work I am going to re assemble and post pictures for you guys. I am hoping to be able to run it in a couple weeks as I am still waiting for a few things to get here.

Let me know what you guys think. Like I said this is all basically an experiment. I know that it is possible to turbo a carbureted 2 stroke soI thought that I would try it since no one else has posted any pictures or info on how they did it. I personally think it would be an accomplishment for myself and the people that have helped me.

Any suggestions or advice would help.


highspeed427 10-16-2011 08:50 PM

hey I'm excited to hear how it goes!

a few tips as i did a turbo viper and have done many modded mm's.

the mountainmax has a very very weak stator so make sure you find a fuel pump that draws under 5 amps as the stator only produces around 9 if i remember right. we had issues with the msd pump drawing more power and cutting the spark. one suggestion some one made to me was to sequentially set up 2 stock fuel pumps. i never tried it so cant say if that will work. make sure you put large enough boost reference lines on the carbs as they tend to bleed off a lot of air. as for the oil we have had very good success with the napa branded 6psi fuel pumps. they cost around $20 and have not failed us yet.

pm me if you have any questions and good luck. it should run awesome!

yamaha3 10-16-2011 08:58 PM

Thanks alot. All of this information will help me. Im sure I will be asking more questions. Like I said I will get the pictures posted up tomorrow night.

Wrenchmaster 10-24-2011 02:37 PM

Hi, I'm working on a turbo set up on a MM as well. Still need some parts but am looking forward to seeing yours. Is that turbo ball bearing? make sure you use a boost referenced fuel pressure regulator.

Wrenchmaster 01-12-2012 01:23 PM

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Here's some pics of a Viper turbo kit I bought. I'll be installing it on my MM700 when I get a few more pieces.

Anyone have a diagram of how to route hoses to a turbosmart BOV? this setup had lines going to holes drilled in the carbs on the engine side of the slides. I haven't seen this done before and am wondering if it's necessary.

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