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RMK 800
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Vehicle Name RMK 800
Year 2001
Make Polaris
Model RMK mod
Color black/silver
Packages big
History Sarted as an 01 RMK 800 snow check 144. U am the original new owner. Started buying aftermarket a little at a time...Rebuilt it in 2004 with tunnel and gear drive and the PSI engine.
My baby
Exterior EZ Ryde, RMI gear drive, VE tunnel, Outlaw Composites Carbon/Kevlar hood, 159 finger track. Only 4 OEM parts left on it: Wire harness, outer Steering arms, steering crank arm, brake cylinder.

Interior Some goop in the bottom. Spit-shined bulkhead.

Exterior Modifications VE tunnel.

Engine Mods Had an 1155cc PSI twin. Ran that for 6 seasons.
Going to an 03 VES 800 twin. Ported. Twin pipes. Bored carbs. 50hp shot of Boss Noss.

Suspension EZ Ryde behind. Fox floats and Wimpy's rods up front.

Skis & Carbides Simmons

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