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Ride till you Die #2
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Location: Northwest, MT
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Vehicle Name Ride till you Die #2
Year 1998
Make Yam
Model MM800
Color black n silver
History Built in 04. Started with a bare bulkhead and added a 2000 takeoff tunnel, Cut and extended the chaincase 2" then rolled it back. 8tooth 3" pitch drivers. One of the very 1st 162x2.5 camo extreme tracks. Originally I had a modified proaction skid in it but I could not keep the front end down so I installed an AC 1M skid.
Originally had a UBR ported 700 but then upgraded to and currently running an SLP 800 kit with Bender pipes, bored carbs,P-85 primary, Team Secondary. added new bellypans I put a Boss highrise on it right away and tried several hoods throughout the years and ended up sticking with the Diamond S. Speedo and tach mounted on the bars. This sled is my favorite sled of all time. Likes to beat up on twin piped Kingcats. nuff said
Exterior Cant get most of my pics to load. Lots of pics soon.

Interior Custom Chaincase, lightweight steering post, brake disk and hub

Exterior Modifications Diamond S hood, Boss highrise

Engine Mods 800SLP big bore, Bender pipes, bored carbs, V-force 3's, Polaris primary, team secondary

Suspension front is stock for duability with Viper Shocks
1M Cat rear

Skis & Carbides Powder Pro's

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