View Full Version : My Experience With JB Weld High Heat

10-19-2013, 01:40 AM
on my 4 wheeler there are 2 cracks on the header pipe, one on the top, and one on the bottom, both are about 7 inches long and are about 1 mm thick

so i decided to get some jb weld highheat

the first time i used it...i did a crap job, no cleaning, no sand paper, and dry hands(makes for miserable mixing and applying), and i didnt let it cure for long, maybe 2 hours, and the bottom half fell off with in 1 mile, the top half(much much more jb weld was used) turned black and baked

the 2nd time however, i cleaned the pipe good, filed it, and heated it up with a lighter, used wet hands(otherwise it will only stick to your fingers), pressed it hard onto the pipe, did a great job putting it on, let it cure for 1 day...and tried it out, it lasted much much longer, didnt turn black, but it still ended up cracking and half of it falling off on the bottom, and on the top all of it fell off

to be fair these only cost like 8 bucks, my idle jet was far too lean to get good egt's, the crack is only about 4 inches from the exhaust flange so its roasting hot, is exposed to lots of rattling and vibrations, and goes through rapid tempature changes from driving through water

would i recomend it? yes, it is worth a shot

info on it here JB Weld High Heat