View Full Version : 20% OFF ALL Pieps Beacons and Accessories for snowest members ONLY!!

10-01-2009, 04:02 PM
Hey guys,

Check out our store www.marumbi.com. We can't advertise lower than MSRP for pricing, but contact me and we can get you 20% off if you tell me you are with the Snowest forum. My name is Amelia and my number is 801-891-3192 or you can email me at Amelia@marumbi.com.

http://marumbi.com/admin/uploaded_files/brand/514146279-pieps_thumb.jpg http://marumbi.com/admin/uploaded_files/product_image/2036217222-pieps-dsp_thumb.jpghttp://marumbi.com/admin/uploaded_files/product_image/1650439464-pieps-freeride.jpg