Keith Curtis Jackson Hole results

March 2022 Feature

From Keith Curtis:

Hey everyone! 

That’s a wrap for Jackson Hole 2022. Thanks to everyone for the messages, texts, love & support! I’m so thrilled & humbled to take home the world record for King of Kings at 7x. Also, making this even more special, this was the race number of Rick Ward, one of the greatest mentors in the sport. The new run (Wolverine), had its challenges with stumps ranging ground level to over 2’ tall, with logs placed every which direction! This made it feel like a “hard enduro” hillclimb, topping it off with a steep slope with headwalls & trenches, and technical side hills! 
My sleds worked beautifully, and there is a massive team who helped me get to the top, starting with my family. Training never ends and my wife, Katie supports 100%, from being an amazing wife, to preparing World Class meals, to taking care of the kiddos, and for always being up for an adventure. Dale Stewart put in massive hours in the shop, building & preparing my race sleds, along with my dad, Fred Curtis. Mom is also always helping & supporting. 
Polaris Snowmobiles is on top of it in every aspect, they build an incredible capable snowmobile for racing & backcountry. Darin Gould, Team Captain, keeps his team on track, and Darren Hedlund & his engineering team make our sleds absolutely rip! The race & marketing department are always supporting 100% Jack Struthers & his team at Carls Cycle Sales have put in countless hours calibrating Walker Evans shocks for success, and is also an engine wizard.
Dustin Pancheri and the Klim team has me covered head to toe in the best gear, period. 
Lastly, huge thanks to the Jackson Hole Snow Devils for hosting another World Class Event, along with the volunteers & hill help! It is and always will be our pinnacle event! Thank you to all my sponsors, friends, family, friends, fans, and local sponsors! Time to keep this momentum rolling, let’s GOOOOO
Jackson Results:
  • King of Kings
  • Stock King 
  • Modified King 
  • 1st Place Open Stock
  • 1st Place Modified 900
  • 1st Place Open Modified
  • 2nd Place Improved 900
  • 4th Place Stock 900

Photos by Nels Eide

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