2022 Polaris Matryx RMK Platform

March 2021 Feature, Polaris Steve Janes

Yes, it’s what you have been waiting for—Polaris introduces the next level in snowmobile technology in the 2022 model year lineup—the Pro RMK Matryx.

If you liked the AXYS platform over the past several years, you’re going to love the Matryx. It has captured the best features of the AXYS, like predictability, while magnifying versatility.

The Pro RMK Matryx platform is built dynamic deep snow riding. It is even  narrower than what was the narrowest chassis in the industry, allowing it to go even farther in deeper snow. And as for the power package … well, things get even better.

If some power is good (the 600 has just been replaced by the new 650 Patriot engine), more power is better (the highly responsive 850 Patriot engine is back and turning heads on the mountain). But wait, then there’s the most power is best—the Patriot Boost. This isn’t just gong to turn heads, it’s going to cause whiplash. (We’ll get more into the dynamics of this new turbo-charged powerplant in another article.)

And just not to get everyone confused, there are two trims of these models: the in-season (sleds you can purchase from your dealer next fall) and the SnowCheck models. The SnowCheck mountain models are called the “Slash” models and are pre-season sale exclusives.

Matryx Platform

So what are the big changes and technological advancements that come with the Matryx?

First, the Matryx was introduced in 2021 model year on the Polaris elite trail sleds. The basic concept then was to make the models narrower to provide more comfort and control for the driver while lowering and balancing the center of gravity of the snowmobile. Naturally, the Matryx trail models were loaded with the best in suspension products to allow them to absorb the bumps and fly through the corners.

For a mountain rider, although a stable ride through bumps and corners is important, the real value the Matryx brings to the table is the slimmer and balanced center of gravity. Last year when we rode the Matryx on the trail, we knew this platform would adapt perfectly to mountain riders. Polaris merely allowed the flatlanders to work out the durability issues before adapting it the design for extreme terrain.

The Matryx platform is uniquely designed for dynamic deep snow riders. The all-new seat, tank, console, foot-wells and bodywork are narrower and allow the rider to move around them seamlessly. Whether on your butt or on your feet, this sled offers the most natural feeling ride on snow. Although this platform is a couple pounds heavier than the AXYZ, with better balance and lower center of gravity, it will feel much lighter on the snow.

Then you blend the RMK React front suspension and the Pro RMK rear suspension in and you have a chassis that effortlessly initiates sidehills and holds its line better than ever. The rigid design is predictable, stays level and improves weight transfer while maintaining the approach angle.

The snowmobile jumps on top of the snow and allows the track to propel it through deep power and up the slope. Although it doesn’t trench out, it will leave deeper tracks just because the chassis allows the track to move through much deeper snow conditions than before possible.

Eliminating Drag

Polaris engineers recognized that the new chassis would cut through deep snow. But they noticed the tail of the sled had a tendency to scrub the snow and generate a little resistance. They noticed this would also interfere with the handling characteristics in real deep snow. This wasn’t acceptable to their standards.

So with the new platform came a new shortened and tapered tunnel. (Actually there are two styles of shorter tunnels, the in-season model that is about three inches shorter than the AXYS models, and the Slash models which will be about eight inches shorter than last year.) With this sculpted design, they also raised the rear bumper to make it easier to get to if you do happen to find yourself stuck in a hole. Slash models also feature the short snow cap rather than the newly-designed snow flap on the in-season models.

The Matryx platform has also been raised a bit for increased clearance and reduced drag to keep you on top of the snow. It is purpose-built for mountain riding and allows for improved side hilling, faster and easier climbing, and instantaneous lift allowing the sled to pop onto the snow faster. 

Polaris will offer two track options for the in-season models—the 2.75-inch Series 8 and the 2.6-inch Series 6. The Slash models will have four track options with both 2.75-inch and 3-inch profiles.

Industry Leading Power

Replacing the popular 600 Cleanfire engine can be risky … but our bet is the 650 Patriot engine is going to pay off big. Sharing the proven 850 architecture and after a very successful initiation last season on the Matryx trail models, the 650 delivers outstanding durability, exceptional efficiency and ferocious acceleration. 

Leveraging a unique cylinder, piston, combustion chamber and 3 stage EVES-II, this engine is designed to deliver outstanding durability, refined run-quality and a new level of fuel economy. Its throttle response is instant, its power is pure, and its acceleration is smooth from first pull to full throttle.

When it comes to the 850 Patriot engine, the most powerful naturally aspirated Polaris snowmobile engine ever, this highly responsive design delivers low inertia and great power-to-weight to enhance flickability.

To get this power to the track, the Matryx platform has the QuickDrive2 belt drive system which is the lightest drive system in the industry and produces the lowest inertia for maximum flickability. QD2 boasts a 10 percent gear reduction for even quicker response and track speed. The QD2 system is available with the 2.75-inch Series 8 track. 

Keep Cool/Look Cool

Another major technological advancement is the new Centralized Cooling System which delivers improved cooling capability while reducing snow and ice buildup. There are two lengths of this in-tunnel design depending on whether you get the Slash model or the in-season model.

The Matryx RMK models can also accommodate the 7S Display with Ride Command. A gauge and information center that features Accessory Plan, track, and share your ride. Although it will be an accessory for the in-season models, it will come stock on the Slash trim. The cool thing about this gauge is the extra storage compartment designed behind it (and we’re talking big enough to hold things).

Walker Evans Racing Monotube Impact-Extruded shocks are the lightest weight shock option from Polaris for those riders counting the ounces. The one-piece, simple design is lightweight yet durable. The Slash models will feature the WER Velocity shocks.

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