Go Big—Wait, Scratch That. Go Small Or Go Home

March 2020 Feature Web Exclusive

We’ve already given some details about the new Mountain Max snowmobiles from Yamaha for model year 2021.

But as we mentioned in that story, Yamaha is coming to the snow with THREE mountain two-stroke snowmobiles for next season. The Mountain Max 154 and Mountain Max 165 are just two of the three.

The SX Venom snowmobile is the third model. As we pointed out in our story about the Mountain Max, the new Yamaha mountain sleds may look very familiar. Then you’ll remember the business agreement Yamaha has with Arctic Cat and it will all fall into place.

The SX Venom is Yamaha’s version of Cat’s Blast, a mid-size (although Yamaha prefers to call it a 7/8 size) snowmobile targeted at beginning riders or a fun second sled that is capable (but not dominating) in the mountains. Or, as Yamaha snowmobile product manager Jaret Smith pointed out, the SX Venom might be an ideal snowmobile for someone who is returning to snowmobiling after being away from the sport for a while.

“It can be utilized by a wide range of people,” Smith said. He added that Yamaha is purposefully shying away from labeling the SX Venom as a “youth” sled. On the day we rode the SX Venom, there were not “youth” or even younger riders with us—only full-size adults and the SX Venom went just about everywhere the bigger sleds went.

Here are some details about the new mountain sled from Yamaha.

2021 SX Venom

  • 7/8-size snowmobile
  • 397cc 2-stroke single cylinder engine
  • EFI engine with electric start
  • Exhaust power valve
  • Single rail rear suspension
  • Shorter, lower seat
  • Narrow bodywork
  • CVTech clutches
  • 146x2-inch Camso Challenger track
  • Twin tube front and rear shocks
  • 38-inch ski stance
  • Yamaha Mountain skis
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