Polaris Pro-RMK 600

February 2020 Feature Steve Janes

Although the Polaris Pro-RMK 600 seldom gets the focus in dealer showrooms or in the manufacturer’s national marketing programs, it’s the one snowmobile that has captivated my attention over the past decade.

Often, when new technology is introduced in the mountain segment, the 600 is a year behind. Polaris likes putting the “latest and greatest” on its flagship models like the 800s or now the 850s … and then quietly include the new features on the 600 during the next model year. That’s okay. I can wait. Let the big stuff work out the bugs so by the time it reaches my sled of choice it’s been perfected.

So why buy a Pro-RMK 600 over the 800s and 850s? Well, to start with at $11,999 it is about $1,200-$1,900 less expensive than the bigger sleds with the same track and features … but there’s really not a lot of performance difference when it comes to negotiating deep powder and steep slopes.

Sure it doesn’t have quite the power. But it also doesn’t have quite the weight. And it certainly rides a lot lighter that the bigger models. The powerband is user-friendly—quick and responsive without exploding out from under you.

Just like its bigger brothers, the Pro-RMK 600 comes with the lightweight AXYS chassis that has been raised to make it easy to get on top of the snow. The Series 5.1 15x155x2.4-inch track is designed to lift out of the snow for better flotation. The raised AXYS chassis increases the clearance so you have less drag while riding through deep power. This also improves its sidehilling capabilities since you can lay the sled over on its side farther before getting hung up on the side panels.

The lightweight foundation of the Pro-RMK 600 comes from the aluminum over structure that is durable for all types of riding. Taller spindles also increase clearance to reduce drag.

Polaris features the best power-to-weight ratios in the industry. The Pro-RMK 600 features a Liberty Cleanfire engine that will surprise you with its capabilities in extreme conditions. When riding in trees, it allows you to maintain momentum even while traveling at a snail’s pace while picking lines and weaving your way up a ridge.

Polaris features a lightweight, rigid rear suspension designed to accentuate weight transfer and allow you to control the Pro-RMK 600 with your legs. It reacts to rider input, which means it’s one with you. You lean, it leans. You want to roll it hard around an obstacle, it goes with you.

One piece of technology exclusive to Polaris is the QuickDrive belt drive system that replaces the chaincase. This system is designed to make the sled rev quicker for instantaneous lift and reduces rotational inertia by 21 percent (you’re using less power to spin mass, which frees up more power to propel your track) for easier handling and flickability.

The Pro-RMK 600 features rider balanced positioning that delivers ultimate control for the rider for precise, effortless sidehilling. And it’s easy to maintain that balance, even over rough trails or technical terrain because of the Pro-RMK React Suspension. You have a solid platform that absorbs the bumps and holds the edges when cutting a sidehill. The PowderTrac Running Boards feature 50 percent open area and integrated traction sure-footed performance.

Another thing I love about the Pro-RMK design is the optional accessory storage designed into the chassis. You can quickly attach bags, fuel tanks, etc., at various locations on your sled, allowing quick access to things like gloves, goggles, etc. This makes it easy to quickly access and change your riding gear as the conditions change.

The Pro-RMK 600 is just the perfect sled. It’s easy to ride, affordable, durable and will keep you on the snow longer and with more energy. It doesn’t wear you out after a long day of boondocking … and it usually returns to the trailhead with fuel to spare.

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