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February 2020 Feature Steve Janes

Although snowmobile manufacturers have come a long way in designing skis to work well in the majority of snow conditions, OEM skis still fall short of providing that added level of performance necessary for extreme mountain terrain.

The editors of SnoWest Magazine have assembled a few unique snowmobile ski designs that should be considered when looking for ultimate performance in the demanding terrain of the western mountains.

Here are a few skis that we have tested and can attest to as being specifically designed for mountain riding.

SLP MoHawk Skis

The MoHawk Ski from Starting Line Products is perfect for trail, crossover and mountain riders who want flotation, aggressive bite and predictability on the new “Rider Forward” chassis of today. If you want to rail through corners while not sacrificing off-trail performance, this is the ski for you.

Like its predecessors this ski utilizes SLP's patented "Rocker Keel" for precise effortless steering. It also uses an hour glass center keel to reduce darting in hard pack conditions and gull wings for maximum control and flotation in loose snow conditions.

The skis’ flex pattern design and flexible loop provides incredible control through the roughest terrain. This flex pattern is significant to the ski’s superb handling and control. It allows the ski to absorb the rough terrain, making for a more predictable and comfortable ride. These features make the MoHawk Ski the most versatile ski ever made.

The Mohawk shaped traction pads on the top edge of the skis provide the rider with a place to step when climbing around on the ski if they are stuck.

Price: $671.65 (with mounting kit and carbides)


C&A Pro Boondocking Xtreme Skis

The C&A Pro’s Boondocking Xtreme or BX snowmobile ski is engineered for today’s technical mountain riders. It features a rocker on the bottom of the ski to allow for easy navigation through tight trees as well as a tapered rear section for ease of sidehilling.

The top has integrated traction grooves for your feet to aid in deep snow boarding situations. The BX features a 7.25-inch wide tapered profile and is 42 inches long. It has a 1.125-inch center keel height; 90 degree center keel and adjustable, flexible tip; and ISR approved handle. Total ski weight is 7 lbs. including handles. It is made from UHMW Poly for ultimate durability. 

Price: $695.89 (with mounting kit and carbides)


SlyDog Attack Skis

The SlyDog Attack ski's tapered tail gives you a biting edge against the snow when sidehilling and technical riding. Its unique Snow Induction process improves cornering and powder riding capability by catching snow at the front of the ski and forcing it through a narrowing channel and up against the reverse angle keel.

The reverse angle keel design holds packed snow between the keel and channel walls to help give the ski its own footprint and prevent darting. A taller keel height means more aggressive handling.

The channel narrows the length of the ski to compress snow against the reverse angle keel. This creates a solid base for the keel to corner against, as well as creating lift when riding in powder.

Price: $475.95 (with mounting kit and four-inch round bar carbide)


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