Tested: Patrick Custom Carbon Clutch Balancing and Mods for Polaris P-85 and Team LWT

January 2020 Feature, New Products, Product Tests

How does it work?

We put the Patrick Custom Carbon clutches on our 850 Pro RMK 163 test mule, check belt deflection, and went for a rip. 

Instantly, we felt a reduction in vibration. The reduction was particularly noted in the bars and running boards. Now, the 850 Patriot is not a vibrating machine. Certainly not like big twins from the early 2000s. It’s a pretty refined system. So we were surprised when we felt a smoother ride in the bars in with our feet. That’s cool. 

The next thing that was glaringly apparent was the snappiness of the throttle. And we’re not using a clever word to make it sound like it was better than it really was. No, the throttle felt like the trigger to a 6s lipo-powered electric r/c car. The sled’s acceleration was instant and responsive, noticeably improved from stock. 

Getting into the woods and carving our way out of canyons was an awesome experience… once we adapted to the quicker throttle response and acceleration. The sled—which is already lightweight and super-responsive—would pop up out of the snow better than before and zip from point to point and turn to turn better than before. 

What do we think?

This is one of those things that not everyone will want to do or think they need, but it’s one of those little things that the sled that clearly performs better than yours has done to it. Want an edge on your buddies? Send your clutches off to Patrick Custom Carbon. 


Primary clutch balancing: $75

Secondary clutch balancing: $75

P-85 carbon fiber clutch cover and titanium bolts: $650

Contact Patrick Custom Carbon www.patrickcustomcarbon.com or 815-721-5150 

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