Team Arctic Continues Winning Ways In USXC, National Snocross


In July, Team Arctic posted to social media it was going to be racing this winter and would continue its winning ways. If you were one of the naysayers, break out a big spoon to eat your humble pie, because Team Arctic did some winning this weekend.

Cross-country racers kicked off the weekend at USXC’s Pine Lake venue. Team Green showed speed, handling and racer talent starting with No. 15 Wes Selby winning the Pro Open class by a healthy margin.

Selby said, “This Pro Open Pine Lake win is one to remember. Talk about overcoming adversity. The evening before the race, I went out with Zach to compare speeds in a drag race before loading the trailer. I was really happy with how the sled performed until I got to the end of the run and realized I just grenaded the chain/belt drive case. I went back to the race shop and rebuilt the entire drive line, finishing about 1 a.m. I got home and couldn’t sleep. Sleepless, race-day morning I ran the parade lap and the sled felt real good, maybe too good as I burnt a piston in the qualifier, rebuilt the motor with lots of help, finishing just as they started to call sleds to staging, I started at the back of the field and after the first lap worked my way up to third, then passed the top three and held the lead until the end. That ZR worked flawlessly. Don’t ever give up kids!”

When the checkered flags dropped for the Semi-Pro and Pro Stock 600 classes on Sunday, Team Arctic had swept both classes. Hometown Semi-Pro racer Gunner Arlaud won, followed by Dustin Schwandt and Dylan Stevens. In Pro, Chad Lian stood on top the box followed by Zach Herfindahl and Wes Selby.

Team Arctic’s race manager, Mike Kloety, said, “I couldn’t be prouder of our top-notch Team Arctic results this weekend. The sweep of Semi-Pro and Pro 600 stock classes is a true testament to how talented our racers are, and how well our ZR’s perform.”

On the other side of the border in North Dakota, the Fargo National Snocross took shape and Team Arctic represented on the podium with some familiar names, but in new classes. In the Pro class, Pro rookie Jacob Yurk, from Zandstra Motorsports, led the points championship after being the No. 1 qualifier and finishing a strong 2nd in Friday’s final. Yurk wowed again with a third-place podium after Sunday’s Duluth Round 1 makeup race, leaving Yurk third in Pro points standings.

Team Arctic rookies continued to open eyes in the Pro Lite class. Andy Pake of Christian Brothers Racing finished third in Friday’s final and Woodie’s Racing’s Theo Poirier third on Saturday. Both racers looked incredibly strong and should be ones to watch at the next round at Canterbury.

In the Sport Lite class, two names appeared as second verse same as the first. Raycer Frank stood atop the podium after winning the Friday and Sunday rounds while his Team Arctic teammate, Matt Lamourea finished third in both finals respectively.

Kloety commented, “Our racers really put on a performance this weekend in snocross for the Arctic Cat faithful. Their hard work, grit and determination is paying off, and I look forward to more great results this season.”

Team Arctic racing resumes for USXC Jan. 18-19 at the Park Rapids Heartland 200, and January 3-5 for National Snocross at Canterbury in Shakopee, MN.

Gerald Dyrdahl Memorial Pine Lake 200 Team Arctic Results:

Pro Stock

1. Chad Lian

2. Zach Herfindahl

3. Wesley Selby

Pro Open

1. Wesley Selby

Semi-Pro Factory 600

1. Gunner Arlaud

2. Dustin Schwandt

3. Dylan Stevens

Semi-Pro Improved

1. Gunner Arlaud

2. Paul Brown

Expert 600 Limited

1. Jesse Hallstrom

2. Cooper Kangaas

Masters 40

2. Todd Severson

Masters 50

1. Glen Arlaud

3. David Wanderschneider

Sport 600

3. Caleb Nymann

Sport 600 Improved

2. Caleb Nymann

3. Cole Boyd


1. Collin Grover

2. Kyle Grover

Classic IFS 50+

1. Brian Brown

Junior 10-13

1. Hunter Kiesow

2. Elliot Clark

3. Keagan Houser

Junior 14-17

1. Jesse Hallstrom

2. Cooper Kangaas

Junior 10-13 Girls

1. Danika Diesen

Junior 14-17 Girls

1. Gabby Hallstrom

2. McKenna Cloose

3. Annie Olson

Fargo National Snocross Team Arctic Results:

Pro Lite Friday

3. Andy Pake

Pro Women Friday

2. Taven Woodie

Sport Friday

3. Kaden Woodie

Sport Lite

1. Raycer Frank

3. Matt LaMourea

Pro Friday

2. Jacob Yurk

Transition 8-10 Saturday

1. Carter Meyeraan

Stock 200 Saturday

1. Rylan Nelson

2. Tucker Carlson

3. Gavin Brault

120 Champ Saturday

1. AJ Skogquist

Sport Saturday

3. Raycer Frank

Junior 10-13 Saturday

1. Tanner Johnson

Junior Girls 9-13 Saturday

2. Kendall Rose

3. Maddie Patten

Pro Lite Saturday

3. Theo Poirier

Transition 9-13 Saturday

2. Tanner Johnson

Pro Women Saturday

2. Taven Woodie

Pro Am Plus 30 Saturday

2. Zach Pattyn

Duluth National Snocross

Round 1 Team Arctic Results

Pro Am Plus 30 Saturday

1. Zach Pattyn

Sport Lite Saturday

1. Raycer Frank

Junior Girls 9-13 Saturday

3. Kendall Rose

Stock 200

1. Landon Giese

2. Rylan Nelson

3. Wesley Ganchou

Transition 9-13

2. Tanner Johnson


3. Kaden Woodie

Transition 8-10

1. Carter Meyeraan

3. Own Eide

Sport Lite

1. Raycer Frank

3. Matt LaMaurea

Pro Am Plus 30

1. Matt Pichner

Junior 10-13

1. Tanner Johnson


3. Jacob Yurk

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