Spokane Winter Knights To The Rescue

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During the snowy December of 1967, a pregnant woman was trapped in her home near Spokane, WA. The Spokane County Sheriff's Office called on some local snowmobilers for help.

According to club lore, the woman referred to her rescuers as "winter knights in shining armor." 

The name stuck and now, 50 years later, the Spokane Winter Knights Snowmobile Club continues to assist the Sheriff's Office with search-and-rescue efforts. Over the years, the Winter Knights have grown from a handful of motorcycle buddies to a snowmobile club of more than 300 members.

According to the Sheriff's Office, the club plays an integral role in rescuing people who are lost or injured in the backcountry. They are thankful to have the club members lending their time and expertise in search-and-rescue missions. One member of the search and rescue says, "If I never go out on another search that's fine, because someone is having the worst day of their life that day."

Kudos to the Winter Knights.  Learn more about the club here: https://spokanewinterknights.com/

And kudos to all snowmobilers that participate in search and rescue. You really do make a positive difference. 


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