Boondocker Releases Pump Gas and High Performance Heads for Polaris 850 Patriot

February 2019 Feature

Jared Sessions, Calibration Manager for BoonDocker adds, “In addition to pump gas or high-octane performance, the engineering put into the design of these heads allows for more precise control over tuning and driveability, while providing for the improved cooling that Polaris has engineered into these engines. The Polaris 850 Patriot is an incredible powerplant, and with the design of these two new heads, we’re able to harness the potential while providing our customers with the reliability, consistency and driveability that they’ve come to expect.”

Both heads are available now, either directly through BoonDocker or BoonDocker authorized dealers. The heads are for BoonDocker-turbocharged Polaris 850 Patriot applications only.

"BoonDocker recognizes that the pre-season customer is very important," Marlenee says. "We want to make sure we’re rewarding our loyal pre-season customer. We pride ourselves on the trust people put into our brand, and our customers know that we’re going to take care of them. BoonDocker is offering a low-cost exchange program where you can exchange your stock head for an OEM head with the Idaho dome cut into it, or we'll offer discounts on the billet versions for those that want to keep their OEM head stock."

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