Getting Your Ski-Doo Summit Dialed

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Now in its third year, the Ski-Doo Summit Rev G4 has proven to be one of the most fun sleds to explore the backcountry on. The question I get most often is what things do I need to add to my sled to make it all mine.

One of the great things about the Ski-Doo Summit G4 is that it really is a pull and go sled. You can always buy and spend more, however I prefer you save your hard earned money for more days out or a riding trip with your buddies. But since you asked, here are the things I would spend my money on.

Spare Key: The DESS system that Ski-Doo uses is a thorn to those sled thieves, however it can be equally bad to you if you lose it out in the backcountry. I key all my sleds together, which is possible with the system and then always have one spare in my pack. (Part No. 515178284)

Skid Plate: Chances are sooner or later you will run over something. A skid plate protects the underbelly of your sled, especially the front cooler. I prefer the Ski-Doo full body skid plate (Part No. 860201227) for the full body coverage.

Controls: If your sled is not set up for you then it will be harder to control and ride. I am shorter at 5-foot-6, which is why I use the Ski-Doo 4.7-inch riser (Part No. 860201427) and the TKI aluminium brake lever. This allows my arms to be straighter, which engages the bigger muscles of my shoulders and back when riding and the brake lever allows for a shorter reach and is super comfortable. I also add the TKI brake reservoir protector to protect one of the vital components while tree riding.

Toe Hooks: The G4 platform footwells are non-existent so toe hooks are a must for carving and up-turns and if you come from riding a Polaris sled you won’t even want to try a G4 without them. I prefer the rigid toe hooks (Part No. 860201510) over the adjustable ones for cost and because too much adjustability is not always a good thing therefore, the rigid ones are set up perfectly.

Heavy Duty Cast Bumper: I spend a lot of my time on sleds, sled-skiing and powsurfing so I add the Ski-Doo Heavy Duty Cast Bumper (Part No. 860201467-175 inch) and ski/snowboard rack (Part No. 860201255), which allows me to easily carry my gear utilizing the awesome LinQ System. An awesome alternative is the Ski/Snowboard Rack System from Cheetah Factory Racing as well. Either system will have you and your buddies accessing quick laps in the backcountry pow.

Storage: Being prepared is of the utmost importance when in the backcountry. All your important safety gear should be on you, however extra gloves, extra water, camera gear and other gear is nice to get off your back. I use the Ski-Doo Sport Tunnel Bag (Part No. 860210678) since it offers 17 litres of open space. Alternately if you need to keep everything totally waterproof you can check out the Ski-Doo Waterproof Slim Tunnel Bag that is new this year at your local dealer.

Fuel: If you are like me and never like to stop exploring then you might also need to carry fuel. The Stackable LinQ Fuel Caddy (Part No. 860201264) not only allows you to carry more fuel but allows you to stack another Ski-Doo LinQ bag on top of it so if you are heading out on an overnighter or into a backcountry lodge you can now carry all your gear in super easily.

Ride On Cover: The Ride On Cover (Part No. 8602011884) allows you to put on your cover at ground level, then open up the top to allow access to the controls so you can now ride up onto your sled trailer or sled deck. Those engineers are always thinking.

Other Cool Items: Some of my favorite extras that are not entirely necessary are the Ski-Doo Carl Kuster 47c Seat (Part No. 860201736), which is one inch lower, one inch narrower and two inches shorter. Also, an SCS Unlimited Wrap to make your sled stand out in shots and protect it from tree branches. And finally the LinQ Removable Snowflap (Part No. 860201515) which allows you to remove your snowflap in the deep pow for even better snow evacuation out of the tunnel.

No matter which accessories you choose make sure you order them up quick to ensure that when your sled comes in they are in stock, making you ready to ride.

(ED—Dave Norona is a Ski-Doo Backcountry Expert living in Squamish/Whistler, BC, and is getting excited about the white gold starting to fall from the skies. @davenorona)

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