Snowmobiling is the WORST

Snowmobiling is the BEST! As Told by a Hippie

Published in the September 2018 Issue December 2018 Feature, Polaris, Random Mandy Fabel

Here’s the recap:

Day 0: I purchased a sled from Driven Powersports in Casper, WY, while wearing a Patagonia vest and sounding like an idiot. They were awesome and have continued to be awesome every step of the way. (There is no way I am good enough to get paid to say that, so you can trust the sincerity.)

Day 1: I watched a YouTube video about how to build a wooden truck ramp and then how to load the sled on it. Terrifying doesn’t come close to describing the feeling of standing on a $9,000 machine on pavement and deciding how to apply enough throttle to make it up the ramp, but not so much that the sled ends up on top of the cab of the truck.

Day 5: Fabio and I did our first sidehill together. It was magical. As with other first-time endeavors, it lasted five seconds and unwound pretty quickly.

Day 16: A friend was watching me go off a smallish jump and told me to stop being a girl. The next time I went big … too big. Me = scorpion. Fabio? He almost killed a man.

Day 22: I picked a line in the trees, rode on edge where I intended, all the while managing to be at least 80 percent in control. *Mic drop.*

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