Polaris 850 Pro RMK Q&A Sesh

Published in the September 2018 Issue January 2019 Feature

We opened the floodgates with a request for your questions about the 2019 Polaris 850 RMK on our Instagram feed this spring. Let's kick it off with a questions about where we rank the 850's power:

In 2018 the Axys was not ranked best mountain sled due to lack of power and amount of effort needed to get it on edge. Has Polaris addressed these issues? Are they top sled in the west again compared to the Doo 850 and Alpha? Or is one of the other 2 manufacturers the stand out for 2019?

I don't think you can say the Pro-RMK 800 lacked power. It just didn't want to rip your arms out of their sockets … which actually is a good thing. You want a snowmobile you can control, not one that controls you. The beauty of the 850s--both Polaris and Ski-Doo--is the friendly powerband that allows you to maintain control over your sled, yet the power doesn't end. For 2019, I see a continuation of the same. Ski-Doo riders will think Ski-Doo is by far the best. Polaris riders will continue to think they have the best sled. Cat riders will feel the torque and muscle and convince themselves they are on the best sled.

What frustrates Polaris riders is they know they have the lightest snowmobile in the mountains … yet Ski-Doo rides like the lightest snowmobile in the mountains. Cat still has a weight issue but not nearly as bad as it was.
—Steve Janes

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