Master The Backcountry The Easy Way: 2019 M 6000 Alpha One

September 2018 Feature, Arctic Cat Viewed 3737 time(s)

New For 2019

  • Alpha One revolutionizes rear suspension and track design by using a patented single beam positioned in the middle of a specially-designed lightweight Power Claw track. Unlike a traditional two-rail system, Alpha One’s single beam allows the track to significantly flex and conform to the snow, delivering a new level of maneuverability with less rider input; substantially easier sidehilling; and increased traction and deep snow performance.
  • G2 ProClimb-7 skis feature new geometry that delivers better balance, improved flotation, easier steering and more consistent performance in varying snow conditions. Molded-in traction on the top of the ski adds sure-footed control and usability for experienced riders.
  • New handlebar-mounted controls are easier to use while riding, with improved ergonomics, and transmit visible information on the digital instrument gauge.
  • New Stealth Lightweight Brake master cylinder offers enhanced braking performance with a more protected design.
  • New short-throw brake lever increases ergonomic comfort.
  • A new magnetic tether switch comes standard, complementing the key ignition.
  • A new handlebar wiring cover improves cockpit aesthetics.
  • New 10-inch rear idler wheels reduce rolling resistance and increase horsepower to the ground.
  • New ECM calibration delivers enhanced performance.

2019 M 6000 Alpha One Specs

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