FXR 2019 Snow Launch

August 2018 Feature

Winnipeg, MB – FXR Factory Racing has released the 2019 Snow Collection.

For more than 20 years, FXR has created high-performance outerwear for both world-class athletes and the everyday rider. The 2019 Snow Collection is no different.

Developed with ultimate performance and versatility in mind, the 2019 collection represents the blood, sweat and tears of a massive global effort of designers, technical product specialists, manufacturers, test riders, racers and ambassadors that are all passionate and dedicated to making sure that every rider has the best possible user experience on snow.

The 2019 Snow Collection stays true to the bold styles that have made FXR who it is, with a wide selection to choose from that allows riders to create not only their own unique, personalized look, but to utilize FXR’s proprietary technology to stay warm, dry and protected in any of winter’s unforgiving elements.

We do this because, like you, we ride.

And like you, we never settle.

Welcome to 2019 FXR.

“Welcome to the brand that is relentless in its pursuit of greatness. Greatness is not given, it is earned. It is earned through tireless work, overcoming adversity, standing out from the crowd, creating your own trail, and always holding yourself to a standard that others are not willing to do,” Levi LaVallee said. “That’s why I wear FXR.”

Technology and Collections to look for in the FXR Collection


FXR’s exclusive Dri-Link technology allows a 2 piece suit to be connected at the waist with a 360 degree zipper system, giving it similar protective properties to a monosuit, while increasing mobility and allowing the rider to move his legs freely.

The Dri-Link is available in both Women's and Men's Elevation Dri-Link and Men's Boost Dri-Link. 


Are you and your family protected if things go wrong? FXR’s exclusive F.A.S.T. buoyancy assistance technology gives riders the best possible chance to get out of the water and back onto the ice, assisting in self-levelling and keeping the rider at the surface, while rapid drain inserts remove the water to assist in climbing back onto the surface. Even when wet, F.A.S.T. insulation retains its thermal properties to keep body temperatures from dropping, allowing time to seek shelter.

F.A.S.T. offers protection without any compromise in comfort or performance, and is available in ALL Child/Youth outerwear, as well as a wide range of men's and women's jackets, pants and monosuits. 


ACMT is FXR’s proprietary collection of dry mesh venting, dual-layered HydrX Pro laminates and seam-sealed linings. This elite combination dramatically improves an outerwear garment’s ability to maintain waterproofness, breathability, and most importantly, reduce condensation inside the garment in a similar way to a dual-lens goggle. FXR’s ACMT HydrX Pro combination is guaranteed to keep you dry, warm and comfortable during high intensity rides.

Omni Stretch

Omni Stretch shell material provides maximum stretch and mobility, while allowing the shell material to take impacts from trees and rocks, with minimal chance of snagging or tearing. Omni Stretch is extremely durable and provides the greatest amount of stretch in a rugged shell material in the industry. Available in select premium FXR jackets, pants and monosuits.

Rockstar Collection

For those that live and ride the Rockstar lifestyle.

FXR is proud to collaborate with Rockstar Energy for 2019 to bring you a collection of riding gear and lifestyle apparel that is designed for those that push their limits, and never give up.

Rockstar branded apparel is featured in the Boost X Jacket, RRX Jacket, Hoyer Signature Series Boost Helmet, as well as select layerwear and lifestyle items.

SX PRO – Snow Bike Compatible

Snowbiking opens up a whole new world of lines you never thought possible, climbs and sidehills that seem to defy gravity, but snowbikes also place a higher demand on riding gear for better waterproofing and durability.

FXR’s collection of SX Pro items feature additional waterproofing in the butt to combat heat and steam coming off the bike, as well as large, heavy-duty leather instep panels to protect from heat and abrasion on the side of the bike. SX Pro editions are available in the Ranger SX Pro Monosuit, Boost SX Pro Dri-Link, as well as Renegade SX Pro Pants.

For more information visit www.fxrracing.com.

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