Friday The Thirteenth

You're always lucky on the mountain

April 2018 Feature Steve Janes Viewed 639 time(s)


            Well, some of you may be a little superstitious on a Friday 13th, but the only thing unlucky about today was for those of you who were at home either in the office or doing yard work while there was some great snowmobiling to be had.

            Spring is always a forgotten time for riding. It seems we are all anxious in the fall to get out when the snow is sketchy and we’re very apt to bend or break parts on a covered stump before a base is formed … yet when we have a solid base and substantially deep snow in the spring, our sleds are tucked away for the summer.

            Spring in the high country usually boasts the deepest snow depths of the season.

            The secret to spring riding is to watch the weather. Look for the first day of clearing after a storm. Although there may have been rain in the valley, there was likely good snow in the high country. Even into May we find that spring snow accumulations can be quite significant and every so often you catch a great deep powder day before the snow has a chance to settle.

            Today’s ride really didn’t have a lot on new snow, but it gave us a chance to do some in depth exploring in some of the areas we may not get into during the winter. The only thing you have to remember is: going up may be easy … but coming back down can be pretty fast. Also, keep in mind that if you lose your bars, the sled can go a long way without you. So keep the tether attached.


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